Testimonial of an Astronaut...


Thomas P Stafford
Gemini VI and IX
Apollo X, Apollo-Soyuz
"During my time as an astronaut, I took part in many truly unforgetable events. It would be difficult to express fully the emotions attached to such experiences or the satisfaction of so fulfilling a career.

I have worn my Omega Speedmaster on every space flight. The Soviet cosmonauts on Soyuz XIX also wore the Speedmaster during the historical Apollo-Soyuz space rendexvous.

Both in space and in everyday wear, I have always had a great deal of respect for my Omega Speedmaster and for the watchmakers who designed and built it. Its exceptional qualities testify to the value of insprired teamwork.

Those are only some of the reaons my Omega Speedmaster has great sentimental value. For me as for any astronaut, this watch is more that a precision instrument. It is a reminder of many significant moments in my life"